On the Road

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On the Road
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Time frame1944 - 1954
First postedMarch 12, 2012 - June 8, 2012
SeriesBullring Days
Series number1
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The full name is Bullring Days One: On the Road. It's the first book of a series of (at least) four.



Mel Austin didn't want to be just a farmhand for his brother, so after the Army and World War II, he attended college on the GI Bill. But after graduating, he couldn't stand the thought of teaching in a big-city slum high school, either. A wartime friend asks him to join his ragtag midget auto racing show, Mel figures it's better than pumping gas until school starts. In love with the thrills, action, and a chance to see the country, he spends several years vagabonding with the show through the turbulent and now half-forgotten world of the early 1950s. Adventure and new friends abound, and his life winds up going to places he could never have dreamed.


The Story Behind The Story

At 20:18:17 03/11/12, Wes posted on the Spearfish Lake Tales Forum: "Like most of my books, this one has a story behind the story. Some years ago I was going through a very blocked writing phase, and I couldn't manage to write anything. In an effort to try to break myself of it, I decided to try something new: a young adult book. Since it will be posted eventually I don't want to leave many spoilers, but suffice to say that a young teenager gets to listening to stories of a very old Mel's youth. The section got out of hand, and I finally realized that I was getting pretty interested in Mel's story. It took me two books to tell the parts of Mel's story, and another one involving his son before I got the story around to the place I'd started. All four are planned for posting eventually."