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SPLTWiki Style Conventions

This page describes little things that make pages consistent.

New User Instructions

New Users please go to the Shared Documents from Users page. There you can download a set of step by step instructions for creating character pages. To add references to extra books go to the Mark Gravengood page and click edit to see how the coding was done. You can also use the Rick's Cafe page for how to set up a location and how to code for books that it appears in. To create a new location page under the locations category use the character page instructions but use the name of the location instead of a character name, copy the style of the link coding from the Rick's Cafe page.

When coding characters or locations please list the book links in time line order as shown on the main page.

Thank You

This page describes little things that make pages consistent.

  • Please use the appropriate Category link on the bottom of pages of Characters, etc. so that they show up in the appropriate Category index.
  • Pages for characters should be created in the format [[First Last]], and use {{Character|defaultsort=Last, First...}} so that they will index properly on the Category:Characters page.

There is a downloadable PDF on the Shared Documents from Users page with some step by step instructions.

  • The title of Wes' book is NOT Next Generation but The Next Generation ! Leaving out the 'The' (note capitalization) will cause wrong pages to be generated in categories, etc. that are very time consuming to clean up.
  • When there are alternative names for a character, only the true full name as given in the text should be given a complete character page. A page should be created for each alternative name with a redirect to the full character's page.

Template List

Please use these templates when starting new pages, etc. You will need to copy the template to the new location and then edit the appropriate parameter entries.

See the Templates Page for individual templates.

Category List

When creating new pages, please use a category entry for the following categories:

Specific book's characters category; note that using {{Character...}} will automatically add the page to Category:Characters.

An individual book's characters and locations category is likely to have been created even though the page for the book itself may not yet have been created. Check the Category:Locations and the Category:Characters to see if there is a relevant category entry as a subcategory.

Use an existing Category:Locations or Category:Characters entry to use as a model.

An activities category is expected to be created. There may be one for each book, too.

Be careful in inserting Categories! [[:Category:Locations|Alternative-label]] is correct while text like [[Category:Locations|Alternative-label]] is wrong as it is in this case sort key text! And boy was this hard to find! --SPLTWikiSysop 14:11, 14 May 2009 (UTC)

Please use the discussion page associated with this page -Talk:SPLTstyle for style questions and suggested solutions.

Note that you need to be logged in as a user to edit the discussion page.

Abbreviations for Book Titles

References to the chapters in book are put in superscript, with an abbreviation for the book title and a chapter number, using Template:Cite: Some fact from Canyon Fires Chapter 1{{Cite|CF|1}} expands to Some fact from Canyon Fires Chapter 1CF1.

See Templates Page#Books for book abbreviations (also referred to as book codes).

Adding a New Book

The following outline created by --SPLTWikiSysop (talk) 17:13, 17 April 2014 (EDT) .

After Wes' Announcement

Uploading Story logo image

New Book Page

Adding Basic Summary Page Template

Updating Templates Page

Adding specfic story template

Modifying main page with cite

Adding each chapter page layout

 updating summary page to have chapters included

Creating chapters page