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In this space we will place downloads for files submitted by wiki users.

Each file will have a brief description and will be attributed to the user submitting the file.

This space is presented for users to share with each other.

Do Not Post anything that has a copyright that you do not own!

To download the file in Windows use "right click" "Save Target as " on the Macintosh use "option" "click"

To view PDF files on line install Adobe Acrobat Reader and make sure that the install includes your browser.

I have two file that I use to make data entry and page creation easier for a non programing type like myself. The PDF version is for reading or printing. the txt version I usually keep open in a window while I work. That way I can just copy and paste what I need from it and then if necessary edit it to make it do what I want. If these help anyone great. Kirby

Media:Wiki editing conventions cheat sheet.pdf Updated by kjl 2009-05-17

Media:WikiEditingCheatSheet.txt Click to view online. Updated by kjl 2009-05-17