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Welcome to Spearfish Lake Tales Wiki!

What is Spearfish Lake Tales Wiki all about?

Welcome to the wiki for fans of Wes Boyd's Spearfish Lake Tales. We are up to 2,707 articles in the wiki!

Sadly, Wes passed away on March 8, 2018. Based on a post from his daughter, there were eight unpublished books that will eventually be posted.

Many fans have wished for a way to look up information about the characters, stories and places (real and fictional) in the SLT stories. This is a way for us as fans to provide this information. Please remember that Spearfish Lake and all it contains belongs to Wes or his heirs.

If you have just begun reading Spearfish Lake Tales, you might be wondering what order to read them in.

Most people find it fun to read them in the order they were published rather than trying to force them into a neat chronological order. On Wes' home page, Spearfish Lake Tales, the latest tale being published is listed at the top, so scroll down to the bottom and start with Rocinante, the first one published, and work your way up the list of stories.

Warning!!!   There are spoilers on these Wiki pages. We are all here for the enjoyment so do not blame others if your curiosity and lack of control lead to a story outcome being spoiled.

That being said, dive in and have fun.

The Editors

A significant amount of Wes Boyd’s fiction is firmly rooted in reality. The ability of his readers to visualize his stories from reality has contributed to the appeal and popularity of his work. His readers always feel that they can walk down the street in Spearfish Lake and meet and greet his characters.

Spearfish Lake itself is an amalgamation of any number of UP (Upper Peninsula) towns. Bradford, MI is a stand in for the Hudson, MI area where Wes lived and toiled. Wes once stated that many of his characters were recognizable among the various denizens of Hudson. Camden was based on Green Bay, WI. Decatur was a thinly veiled reference to Chicago, IL with a hefty slice of Milwaukee, WI tossed into the mix. Wes did take a certain amount of literary liberty when referring to the distances and travel times between these locations.

The D&O Railroad is a literary equivalent of the defunct SOO Line whose service area included Wisconsin and the UP. Wes’s descriptions of the D&O equipment, equipment livery, operations and operating area are almost a dead ringer for the SOO Line. That is why so many illustrations of D&O equipment used in the Wiki feature SOO Line equipment. The C&SL (Camden and Spearfish Lake) is an amalgamation of any number of short lines that have been created over the years by local business interests when a railroad abandoned their service area. Many of the characters and institutions that Wes wrote about were taken from his own life experiences.

As an author Wes remained, at heart, a reporter. He reported on what he knew and saw. Wes was a hiker, kayaker and outdoorsman. He was a pilot and proudly flew until his health robed him of his license. He was a news photographer and reporter by trade and an essayist and novelist by avocation. He was an inspiration to other writers and to us all!

The Editors

The Latest News

Destiny started posting on December 3, 2018

The year is 2241 and geologist Arik Kalita thinks planet Earth is getting too crowded and too regulated, so he signs on with the next sublightspeed exploration ship to the stars, one aimed at a star eight lightyears away. Coldsleep technology will allow Arik, exobiologist Leticia Ozawa, and 20,000 others to arrive still young enough to experience a long life on a new planet. However, the new planet turns out to be airless and uninhabitable. There are time limits for coldsleep. Do they head back to an Earth 450 years in their future, or do they try for another star, knowing that if it is also unsuitable there might not be another chance?

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Golden Hour finished posting on November 29, 2018

Kyle Murray, out taking landscape pictures, meets a girl taking selfies beside the road. Chelsea Walsh is wearing a skimpy bathing suit, which makes Kyle’s eyes pop. They have entirely different approaches to photography, and both use their pictures to supplement mediocre day-job income. They help each other with their photography and a relationship develops.

Chelsea is forced to relocate for a living-wage job, and Kyle then moves to a much better job creating an even-greater separation. Both date others but keep in touch. Kyle tries to form other relationships, but the results are hilariously disastrous. Chelsea’s are ho-hum. No cameras are involved in either’s new relationship attempts, though Kyle does take some pictures. Chelsea can no longer do bathing suit selfies as she would be fired if she were found out.

A long-distance relationship can’t work for them, so they have to get close up.

This is a Wes Boyd story and you fans know they get back together, but how? And then what happens? You’ll just have to read the book.

Plain Jane finished posting on August 30, 2018

Jane Marshall is single but looking and, even though her nickname is ‘Plain Jane,’ dressed nicely she’s rather pretty. She is tired of her low-paying restaurant job despite a recent bachelor’s degree and would like to distance herself from the irritating woman who shares her apartment. Rick Thredford, introverted computer geek, unmarried and with no social skills, is bored to tears at his job where they’re trying to force him to quit. He has plenty of money now and will soon be worth a lot more if he can keep his job. Sophia, his secretary, thinks he needs to be married to give him an interest other than sitting alone and writing computer code to overcome his boredom. Unfortunately, the marriage needs to happen quickly, but it only happens if she can get them to agree to a trip to the altar with no time to get to know each other. Can Sophia play the matchmaker in an arranged marriage – put Jane and Rick together, and have them married in just a few days – and then have any chance that such a nontraditional marriage can be successful? There are so many pitfalls to be negotiated in such a short time.

Wes Boyd died on March 8, 2018

Wes Boyd, the creator of Spearfish Lake Tales, passed away on March 8, 2018. Read Wes Boyd's Obituary.

Rag Doll finished posting on June 7, 2018

Amanda Lewis spends her summers working in the often exciting family business of fishing charters on Lake Huron, but her winters are cold, dull, and boring. In Florida, where it’s warm, she’s looking for a cheap boat she can live on, and her Coast Guardsman brother has found a possibility in the Rag Doll. But at first sight the boat is grubby, dirty, and needs lots of restoration, so it is a very sad Rag Doll. In better days it must have been a doll of a boat, flying the glad rags of her sails, a bone in her teeth as she sailed across bright ocean waves toward some distant, exotic destination. She could tell that this boat didn’t deserve to be sitting sad and forlorn at the edge of a swamp in a muddy backwater. There was a soul of a boat waiting to be freed from its misery. It would be a lot of work, but deep down inside she knew there could be a lot of satisfaction for doing it, too. “Yes, Rag Doll,” she said softly, “you and I are going to have some great times together.”

Hickory Run finished posting on February 7, 2018

While attending seminary, young woman minister and Colorado River boatman Rev. Nanci Chladek becomes concerned with the problems of her suitemate, a shy, withdrawn girl by the name of Sarah Lackamp. Sarah's parents are missionaries getting set to return to their African mission station, so all too soon she will have to live outside of the protection of school and family. Nanci feels her friend isn't ready for life on her own. She does pull Sarah out of her shell a little, but it turns out that Sarah's problems are different and deeper than Nanci could have believed. How can Nanci help Sarah live in the big bad world of today? What changes will Sarah have to finally accept in order to make it on her own? Warning: There is Christianity, faith, and religion in this story.

Best Served Cold finished posting on November 16, 2017

For ten years Royce Palmer's ex-wife Maxine played fast and loose with the visitation rules for their daughter Petra. Royce mostly let her get away with it since he didn't want his daughter getting caught in the crossfire. When Maxine decides that her new husband Milt ought to give Petra away at her wedding, she steps over the line Royce has drawn in his mind, so he decides he needs to even things up a bit. Well, more than a bit. He thinks that once he has some measure of revenge maybe he can get his lonely, bitter life back on track and get back on a road to happiness before it's too late.

Hearts of Gold finished posting on August 17, 2017

Continuing the Legend of Learjet Jenn: after landing a hijacked airliner, Jennlynn Swift, also known as "Learjet Jenn, The Fastest Woman in the State of Nevada," has become the nation's most famous prostitute despite never working more than very part-time at it. It's a reputation she does not like and isn't sure how to bury after she marries her long-time lover, Air Force Sergeant Will Hoffman. She would rather live as she sees herself: a pilot, engineer, and wife. Getting rid of her past isn't going to be easy to do and is complicated by the fact that Will is half a world away. What's more, she has come to realize that her experience is not how most prostitutes end up in the life and her perceived glory might lead young, impressionable women down paths they really shouldn't take. Is there some way she can repair some of the damage while she tries to make her own life a little more like normal?"

Reaching for Wings finished posting on May 26, 2017

Back when Mark Gravengood was a kid, he wanted to fly a jet fighter and maybe even become an astronaut. However, his torch-lit dream was dashed when he realized that his glasses meant he couldn't qualify for either; the dream just fell in the grass and tarnished there.

Nearly fifty years later, Mark's adopted daughter Bree finds the dream where he left it, polishes it up with his help, and makes it her own. But to make it become reality she has to become something other than the shy, introverted girl she's been up until now. Fortunately she finds some friends to help her grow while she pursues her goal through one of the most exciting times to ever happen in Spearfish Lake.

Joe/Joan finished posting on February 17. 2017

Joe is a truck driver who has driven the same cross-country route for over thirty years. He’s just your average Joe, bored and a little frustrated with his life, but with nothing better to look forward to. Then a bolt of lightning hits his truck; when he comes to, he’s eighteen again, it’s 1965 – and he discovers that he’s the twin sister he never had, Joan! While she has no idea of how this could have happened, she resolves to do things differently in this new life, see the world and have some fun along the way. From snow-swept mountaintops to war-torn jungles, from squalid third-world slums to sophisticated cities she manages to do just that. But in the end she’s faced with the same questions she’s had from the beginning, questions like “What happened?” “Why?” and “Why me?”

My Little Pony started posting on September 5, 2016

This is a sweet, heartwarming story of a young teenage girl and her little pony – pony stock that is, an old four-cylinder economy car converted into a short-track racing car. Telzey’s parents are both in the Army and have been sent to the Persian Gulf as the 2003 war is brewing, so she is staying with her grandparents. Telzey, a racing fan, is sick with worry about her parents, but her new nextdoor neighbors have things that divert her attention, since they’re the family who operates the Bradford Speedway. What’s more, their racer son Will is Telzey’s age, and they become friends almost immediately. It doesn’t take long before Telzey becomes more than just a racing fan!

Out of the Cage finished posting on September 2, 2016

Things look pretty bleak for Frenchy LeDroit when he gets out after seven months in the Spearfish County Jail. His car is gone. He only has eight bucks and change. His business of selling bootleg beer to underage drinkers, gone. He has no job; he’s up to his neck in trouble with his parents and could get thrown out at any time. There are a lot of asses that need kicking, and there’s no one to help him. One of his best buddies has stabbed him in the back, and the other one isn’t going to be much help. His girlfriend has turned into a carpet muncher. No beer. How is he supposed to get along without any beer? Before jail he and his buddies had been riding on top of the world, and that’s gone now too. What else could go wrong?

Frenchy has yet to learn that when you're at the bottom of a hole, the only way out is up.

Redeye finished posting on July 1, 2016

A “Roaring Twenties” gangster once owned a creepy old house deep in the woods near Wychbold. Some people think they have seen ghosts and are sure the place is haunted to protect ancient secrets. Unmarked graves have been found on the property, and buried treasure has also been found there. The place is inhabited by a crotchety old coot and his ghostly maid, who are rarely seen in daylight. Steve Taylor is invited for a visit and learns that, while there’s nothing supernatural happening, there is more than a grain of truth to all of the stories. He also learns that what’s going on behind the eerie façade is considerably more interesting than the rumors – and that some past events had been horrifying indeed. He certainly doesn’t expect what happens as he peels back the layers in the life of the mysterious Ann, the beautiful, reserved, and enigmatic woman who lures him there.

Down by the Riverside finished posting on April 29, 2016

The Grand Canyon can change lives, and with the help of some of the people and things Nanci Chladek found there it changed hers more than most. Once a prisoner of many irresponsible bad choices, she had been near ending her life. Her dramatic turn away from the life she'd once led cleaned up her act and had made her become pretty religious as she learned to be a Grand Canyon boatman. With a future in front of her that she had once nearly given up on having, she has to figure out what to do with it. It will take her family, her friends, and her newfound faith to help her work it out.

Birdwatcher Hill Fire finished posting January 29, 2016

Jack and Vixen are searching a remote area of woods around Spearfish Lake for an eagle's nest -- but they find a forest fire instead. The woods are very dry, and fast action is needed to keep the small fire from turning into a major disaster. It is a busy and fast-paced day for local volunteer firemen, railroad workers, Randy from Clark Construction, and others from around Spearfish Lake, including members of the local nudist resort, and the two high school-aged birders are right in the middle of it.

Promises to Keep finished posting November 27, 2015

Jeff and Eunice Harrington have had a long and successful, if unremarkable life running a business and raising a family, unlike their nearly lifelong best friend Eric Snow, who has lived a life of adventure -- mountain climbing, sailing, backcountry canoeing and much else. Eunice and Eric have faithfully cared for Jeff during a long illness, but after he dies the two have to come to grips not only with his death but also with their past, the opportunities each of them have missed, and the changes Jeff's passing will bring.

You can see more of Wes Boyd's books at Category:Book and Wes Boyd's Bibliography.


Like most of the people who look at this wiki, you probably stumbled into reading one of Wes' tales somewhere in the middle of a story, either on his site or one of the ones he posts on. Now that you are hooked, having gone back and read (or like many of his readers, reread) a tale or two, you might ask what do I read next?

For most readers the best way to cover all the tales is from the beginning; not chronological beginning, but publication order. On his home page,, the tales are listed in reverse chronological order! So scroll on down, and start with Rocinante. He has left a hint as to the publication order - look for the number that is part of the link for each story.

Check out Wes Boyd's Bibliography for information on each series and hints about what will be next.

Also useful is the list of this wiki's pages for each story. See the link Books and Short Stories which is in the navigation sidebar on the left side of every page.

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