The Spearfish Lake House

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The Spearfish Lake House
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Time frame2011-2012
First postedMay 27, 2019 - October 7, 2019
SeriesNew Spearfish Lake Series
Series number13
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by Wes Boyd ©2013, ©2019

Copyright ©2019 Estate of Wes Boyd

This article is about the book. For the house, see Spearfish Lake House.


Two years after graduating, Susan McMahon returns from China to her alma mater, Southern Michigan University, to check the job boards there for new foreign listings, but instead is offered a position at the university itself. This job on home soil starts at a higher salary than she’d ever dreamed possible for her to make. As the new university ombudsman, however, she discovers a co-worker she has to interact with is an old nemesis from high school. Susan ends up living with others from her home town in the same house near school she owned when attending as an undergraduate. Other students on campus show wide interests, including one girl who wears a chastity belt fulltime. The school is liberal-progressive and shies away from any campus security or police presence, then a religious fanatic shows up on a crowded Activities Fair Day with a gun and starts shooting. Can he be stopped before killing too many – and with the rule of no firearms allowed on campus, how can it be done?