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The New Spearfish Lake Series is in the same universe as the Spearfish Lake Series and the Dawnwalker Cycle series. There has been a lot of character interaction in those series, so starting with Hannegan's Cove, the books mostly set around Spearfish Lake will be in the New Spearfish Lake Series, while those in Arizona will be grouped in the Dawnwalker Cycle.

These books also take place later, starting in 2004.

Wes's Introduction

Wes Boyd introduced the new series on June 3, 2012:[1]

Hannegan's Cove marks something of a departure for the Tales Of Spearfish Lake -- and a coming home. Many books in the Tales of Spearfish Lake series are dated from the late 1990s, and they cluster up and start to get intertwined with the Dawnwalker Cycle in about 2001. This one breaks away from all that and is set in 2004, largely with some familiar characters, mostly Randy and his family, along with some visits by some of his pals from the Dawnwalker books. It's something of a follow-on to Pulling Even, but I've decided, if somewhat arbitrarily, that future books involving Randy and his friends in Spearfish Lake are going to be Spearfish Lake Tales books, while those mostly involving the Arizona gang will be Dawnwalkers.

We'll be checking in on some of our old friends from time to time in Tales From Spearfish Lake after Hannegan's Cove, but we'll be meeting many new characters, too. Each of them has their own stories to tell. Just to give you a little teaser, Mark, Jackie, and Rocinante are involved in some of them.

In case you're wondering, there's one Dawnwalker left in the queue, with posting planned to begin late this year. There's the fuzzy possibility of at least another one out there, but it just hasn't come together yet.

My general plan for the next few years is to alternate Spearfish Lake Tales stories with non-Spearfish Lake ones. I'm still working on expanding the stock of the latter, but I'm well fixed on the former -- there are currently ten completed books in that series awaiting their turns, and I'm within a couple of chapters of making that eleven. Later in what I sometimes refer to as the "New Spearfish Lake" series there will be a subseries somewhat like what the Dawnwalkers are to the Spearfish Lake books, although the action mostly stays in Spearfish Lake. These books will bring us up into the early 2010s, with an epilogue in one of them that takes place in 2018. I'm sure there will be more to come along the way.

Just for the record, there's one more Bradford Exiles book in the queue, as well, but for plot and spoiler reasons I won't be posting it for a while. Two more, at least, are in the works but still not completed. There are others, including the rest of the Bullring series, plus some independents, so there's still going to be plenty of good reading to come for the next few years.

Thanks very much to everyone who's stuck with me over the years, and pass the word to your friends!

Hannegan's Cove

January 2004

The life in Spearfish Lake for Randy and Nicole Clark and their neighbors Myleigh and Trey Hartwell has complications as they age. Crystal and Noah Whittaker make an appearance, but the book mostly focuses on the four generations of the Clark family.


Susan McMahon is the daughter of Kirsten Langenderfer (of Absent Friend). Despite being named after a famous dog-sledder, Susan has little interest in sledding. Still, like her older sister Tiffany (Runner's Moon) Susan is determined to find her own path through life.


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The Books

TitleSeries numberFirst postedTime frameBookimage
Hannegan's Cove1June 11, 2012–August 17, 2012January–September 2004Hc-vs.jpg
Susan2October 22–December 21, 2012August–December 2004Su-vs.jpg
Winter Layoff3February 25 - April 12, 2013December 2005 - April 2006Wl-vs.jpg
Starting Late4July 8, 2013May-June 2007Sl-vs.jpg
Stray Kitten5October 21, 2013 - January 17, 2014December 2007 - September 2008Sk-vs.jpg
Hiding Patty6April 14, 2014-June 27, 2014August 2009 - September 2010Hp-vs.jpg
Bird in the Hand7September 1, 2014 -August, 2010Bith-vs.jpg
Bird on the Field8February 16, 2015-May 1, 2015June 28, 2010-Friday, August 27, 2010Bofv2-vs.jpg
Forgotten Killer9July 27, 2015 -Fk-vs.jpg
Birdwatcher Hill Fire10November 30, 2015 -Tuesday, August 17 or 24, 2010Bwhf-vs.jpg