Randy Clark

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Randy Clark
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Birth nameRandall Clark
Birth dateJanuary 1976
Birth placeSpearfish Lake
SpouseNicole Szczerowski
FatherRyan Clark
MotherLinda Caserowski
Brent Wayne ClarkMApril 2004
Raven ClarkF2006

Randy Clark is the son of Ryan Clark and Linda Caserowski. He has two older sisters, Rachel and Ruth. Randy was born in early 1976 (shortly after the loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald). He graduated from Spearfish Lake HS in June 1993. His High School girlfriend was Nicole Szczerowski, but since they were heading for different colleges, they amicably broke up.

Randy's full name, apparently only used for legal purposes, is Randall Clark.HC13

Randy went to Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan (studying construction engineering) and graduated in April 1997. While in college, he starts working summers for his grandfather, Brent, in his construction company. It was during this time that he befriended (and dated) the roommates Crystal Chladek and Myleigh Harris.

Randy is better than average at singing and playing guitar and bass, something that was just a social thing while in college. He and Myleigh would have some fun with music and lyrics provided by Randy's former babysitter, Jennifer. This effort grows and he turns into something of a professional, albeit only part-time, musician as he is pulled into Jenny Easton's Boreal String Band.

Randy is very short with a Van Dyke (chin beard with a mustache). It's been rumored that he had the beard since high school, to cover a port-wine stain birthmark on his chin.WL7

Randy was an enthusiastic participant in outdoor activities including surfing, kayaking, snowboarding, and rafting. He joined a trek with Al Buck's Canyon Tours, mostly to spend time with Crystal, but is recruited to run a raft, something he greatly enjoyed.

A state-level wrestler in High School, Randy's self-defense skills improved just associating with Crystal. After a few rough encounters, he was recruited by Gil Evachevski to join an informal self-defense group, sometimes referrred to as House of Mayhem.

Randy reconnects with his former girlfriend Nicole, so for a short while he is balancing three girlfriends that all get along together! Randy and Nicole get married at the stroke of midnight New Years Eve 1999-2000 at the Spearfish Lake United Methodist Church (where Crystal and her friends spiked the punch). They live in a house they built just outside Spearfish Lake on the road to Hannegan's Cove.

Upon the death of his grandfather Brent in early 2004, Randy inherited 96% of Clark Construction, valued at $2.7 million for tax purposes.HC13

He enjoys using the heavy equipment whenever he can, for example the bobcat to clear snow off his driveway and assorted others around town.HC2 Also using the grader to redo the town soccer fieldsHC2 and to cut a fireline. BHF7

Nicole gave birth to their first child, Brent Wayne Clark in April 2004.HC21 By 2009, Nicole and Randy had another child, a girl named Raven.HP15

Randy and Nicole owned a 25 foot sailboat which they loaned to Henry McMahon and Tricia York.HP27

In the summer of 2010, Randy witnessed a confrontation between Frenchy LeDroit and Jack Erikson and intervened with a simple "Knock it off, the bunch of you". His martial arts reputation was known to both.BITH2

Sheriff Steve Stoneslinger asked Randy to provide a bulldozer to use as a road block preventing partying kids escaping when he busted the football team's pre-practice beer bust. Randy was grateful for the excuse to drive some heavy equipment.BOF19

He drove the road grader out to County Road 919 hoping Bob Coopshaw would operate it to clear an access road and then a fire line round the Birdwatcher Hill Fire.BHF4 He had to start the access road instead of wasting time waiting for Bob.BHF6 He ended up spending the day driving the grader when Bob had a heart attack and died on the way.BHF12 Once the main fiore was out he had the idea of using an irrigation system to flood the fire out of the peat bog.BHF27

Following Bob's death Randy offered Larry Coopshaw a part time job after school, and the possibility of being taken on as a trainee equipment operator when he graduated high school.OC2

When Jared Wooten and Bree Gravengood wanted to learn martial arts Randy was the main sensei at House of Mayhem.RFW11 RFW24