Larry Coopshaw

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Larry Coopshaw
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FatherBob Coopshaw

Larry Coopshaw was a student and football player at Spearfish Lake High School in 2010. His father was Bob Coopshaw, an equipment operator with Clark Construction who observed "He’s about as obnoxious as an eighth grade boy can get, but I think I’m going to have some fun watching him play football the next few years."WL2 Larry hung around with friends Matthew Effingham and Frenchy LeDroit with Frenchy providing beer.BITH12

Larry had a pickup and drove to a junkyard outside of Meeker to find replacement tires for Frenchy's car.BITH17 They where in the truck when encountering Howie Erikson at the Fiesta fuel station.BITH25

On a later day, the trio spotted Jack Erikson at the Fiesta Station and attempted to assault him. Vixen Hvalchek acted in defense using with a spray can of bear repellent in the eyes of both Larry and Frenchy.BITH37 Larry was riding in the back seat of the Eagle Talon when Frenchy chased Jack and friends through the back roads.

Larry was arrested with Frenchy and Matt, but followed the advice of a lawyer. He pled to a lesser charge of simple assault and was "sentenced to a year’s probation, but with a few stipulations, among them that they were not to get into contact with Frenchy, and not to approach Jack, Vixen, Alan, Summer, or their families. They were also sentenced to two hundred hours of community service, and were not to be allowed to attend school extracurricular activities or participate in sports until the community service was completed."BITH45