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Templates Created

Book and Chapter Articles

Article Management

This article is about the novel. For the airplane, see Rocinante (aircraft).

General Use


Each new book needs a Template:XXX page created for it for the following section to work. The easiest way to is to copy the information from another page such as Template:PTK to the new Template:XXX page where XXX is the code for the book and then changing the title information.

Once this is done, the cite usage below will work. Usually the sequence to create the pages for a new book is to insert the description as new section on the home page using the standard bracket notation for the title. Next onto the new book's title page is to copy the information from another book's title page changing it as needed. Then create the template page. Afterward, change the home page description for the header to the cite format. Last is the copy information for a chapter page and insert it into the first chapter which can then be copied to other chapters. The first chapter page will need to be started by generating the first page by modifying a URL from another book's chapter by modifying the book part of the URL.

After several chapter pages have been created, the chapters template will need to be created. See another book chapter page for the needed text.

In general, you can use the book codes as templates, e.g.

{{AC}} ⇒ Andromeda Chained

or using Template:cite to get an italicized, linked title:

{{cite|GT}}Growing Together
TitleBook code
Andromeda ChainedAC
Absent FriendAF
Alone TogetherAT
Busted Axle RoadBAR
Busted Axle Road, 2007 VersionBAR7
Blue BeautyBB
Bulldog SpiritBDS
Bulldog Spirit and Other Short WorksBDSOSW
Birdwatcher Hill FireBHF
Bird in the HandBITH
Bird on the FieldBOF
On the RoadBR1
Bradford SpeedwayBR2
Banners FlyingBR3
My Little PonyBR4
Best Served ColdBSC
Blanche Tickle GirlBTG
The Curlew Creek TheaterCCT
Canyon FiresCF
Circuit RiderCR
Down by the RiversideDBR
Dodging MomDM
Distant ShoresDS
Forgotten KillerFK
Facing the StormFtS
Golden HourGH
The Girl in the MirrorGM
Growing TogetherGT
Hannegan's CoveHC
Hearts of GoldHOG
Hiding PattyHP
Hickory RunHR
Hat TrickHT
Icewater and the AlienINTA
The Last Place You LookLP
Magic CarpetMC
Nature GirlNG
Out of the CageOC
Pulling EvenPE
Plain JanePJ
Peeking Over the FencePOF
Promises to KeepPTK
Picking Up the PiecesPUTP
Rag DollRD
... further results

Directory Path Templates

These templates provide URLs to the actual stories on http://www.spearfishlaketales.com. Note, for the most part, these should not be necessary, as the links are provided by Template:Book and Template:Chapter. You can also use the interwiki convention of [[slt:Page-Address]] to provide links to pages on SpearfishLakeTales.com.

Templates Needed

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  • Activity