The Last Place You Look

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The Last Place You Look
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Time frame2003
First postedDecember 15, 2014–
SeriesBradford Exiles
Series number7
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Copyright Wes Boyd ©2012, ©2014.


Medical equipment distributor and part-time Emergency Medical Technician John Engler is having one of those periods in his life when even his interruptions get interrupted. His business issues are complicated when he meets Sally Hanson, a lost classmate from the Bradford Class of 1988. She's broke and out of luck, and her daughter has just been badly injured in a car wreck. Against his better judgment, John offers to help out. And then one of his ex-wives, Mandy Paxton, shows up to rekindle the flame. A life of interruptions is nothing compared to what's coming at him now!


Wes wrote:[1]

There's a story that goes along with The Last Place You Look. Years ago I'd established the main character as being located in Florida, so when I got around to writing this book, out of sheer laziness I placed his home in the subdivision where a relative lives. Then, when the book hit the editing stages, I discovered that Bob, one of my editors, lives about a mile from there. Bob was nice enough to send me pages of local color that added a lot to the vibrancy of the book. While there are still some totally fictional locations, this book is placed much better in the real world than normal. Thanks, Bob!


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