The Curlew Creek Theater

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The Curlew Creek Theater
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Time frameApril - September, 2015
First postedOctober 14, 2019-February 13, 2020
Series number10
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Copyright ©2013, ©2019 by Wes Boyd. Copyright ©2019 Estate of Wes Boyd.


Brett Wickwire, substitute dairy farm milker and substitute teacher, would rather be a theater actor, even though he knows he needs to grow up and accept a real job somewhere soon. The market is tight for fulltime teaching jobs and no way does he want to be a fulltime milker. He talks his way into a dinner theater startup for the summer and brings along Meredith VanArnhem, an actress he’s worked with before. There are problems, but the big one for Brett is that this job is only for the summer, and what can he do afterward? He does find a girlfriend among the actresses – no not Meredith, who’s a hard-core lesbian, but another girl, Kellye Ginther – and there’s another problem, because she’s still in school at a college not close by. How can Brett continue that relationship and continue acting, even if it’s only sideline, and still make a living?

Time frame

Wes Boyd didn't put dates into the story. It must be sometime after 2012 as there is mention of 9-11-2001 and Hurricane Sandy, Oct-Nov, 2012.CCT24 The first year with sixteen weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day is 2015 (most years there are only fifteen weekends).

Special Disclaimer

Wes Boyd included a special disclaimer at the end of chapter 36, giving information about the plays mentioned in the story. Which are real with their authors and which are totally fictional invented by Wes for this story.