Brett Wickwire

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Brett Wickwire
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FatherMr Wickwire
MotherMrs Wickwire

Brett Wickwire is the main male character in the book The Curlew Creek Theater.

He is substitute milker and teacher, sometime actor, producer and director. A medium-height, sandy-haired, vaguely handsome young man of between 25 and 30. He went to Hollywood once, wasn’t successful, and had to hitchhike home penniless. His minivan is set up like mini-motorhome with a bunk, refrigerator, camp stove, and even a porta-potty. He drinks his coffee black, follows on-line comics, and has huge supply of cow jokes.

He is the youngest child of his parentsCCT2 and lives with them since returning from Hollywood.

Diane Graveline recommended Brett to her friends Marty and Samantha Ammerman as someone they could talk to about their dinner theater idea. At the time of the initial discussion he was contracted to Heatherwood Repertory Company for the summer.

When the Heatherwood Repertory Company cancelled their contract Brett contacted Meredith VanArnhem. They visited Marty and Samantha Ammerman at the Curlew Creek Winery for further discussion and agreed to run a dinner theater for sixteen weekends from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.

He played the male lead in, and directed, most of the plays performed at The Curlew Creek Theater.

When Meredith VanArnhem and Janine Warrenton were making sleep impossible, Kellye Ginther joined Brett in his bed, starting a romance which they both hoped would continue beyond the summer and maybe become permanent.

About four weeks before the end of The Curlew Creek Theater season Mike Fowler told Brett of a possible teaching job. Though not hopeful after an interview, Brett did get the job teaching English and Drama at Oxford high school.

Roles played at The Curlew Creek Theater

  • George in Same Time Next Year
  • Directed Chocolate, Roses and Sex
  • Lomov in A Marriage Proposal
  • David Thoreau in The Hermit of Walden
  • Directed The Odd Couple - The Female Version
  • Walter in The Man with a Plastic Sandwich
  • Directed The Back Table
  • Alex in Saving Grace
  • Paul in Barefoot in the Park