Mike Fowler

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Mike Fowler
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Mike Fowler was a a big sixtyish man with a full beard. He was a retired high school English and drama teacher and owned a vineyard - one of several the Curlew Creek Winery bought grapes from.

He owns a little two-story house, the rooms are pretty small, but there are three bedrooms, two upstairs and one down, near the Curlew Creek Winery. Brett Wickwire and Meredith VanArnhem rent the house for the summer.

Mike has directed high school plays and has acted in some amateur productions.CCT15 He acts in several plays at the Curlew Creek Theater, effectively the fourth member of the core ensemble.

When his plays are approaching performance he makes himself available during the daytime for rehearsals.

At the end of the summer he steers Brett to a teaching job at a nearby high school.CCT35 He hints that he'd prefer to sell the rental house instead of continuing to rent it to Brett.CCT36

Roles played at The Curlew Creek Theater

  • Chubokov in A Marriage Proposal
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson in The Hermit of Walden
  • Haley in The Man with the Plastic Sandwich
  • Un-named character in The Back Table
  • Walter in Saving Grace