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The Rental house was a small two story house with three bedrooms - two upstairs and one downstairs. Owned by Mike Fowler and first referred to as 'The Fowler house', it had been shut up for a couple of years and had thousands of dead flies around. Through Marty Ammerman it was rented to Brett Wickwire and Meredith VanArnhem for the summer while they worked for Marty to make the Curlew Creek dinner theater happen.CCT11 CCT12

Brett started furnishing it with a bed from his parents' house and a couple borrowed from Diane Graveline.CCT17

Kellye Ginther took the third bedroom when she arrived in mid May. She also provided a lot of the kitchen wares.CCT17

At the end of the summer when Brett got a teaching job locally he asked Mike about continuing to rent the house. Mike hinted he'd rather sell the house.CCT36