The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 11

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 11 of 36
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Marty and Samantha agree that the theater project can go ahead. Meredith asks to see the hall they'd be using. She suggests putting the performance space part way along one wall making it about three quarters in the round, and easy to go fully in the round if it suits the play.

Instead of a stage they agree a low ten to twelve inch platform which could be removed for other uses of the hall. They decide lighting will be fairly generic and probably from a hardware store instead of a theatrical supplier.

That gives Brett and Meredith some other parameters on the plays they choose.

When Samantha brings up the question of where the actors will stay Meredith asks about renting an apartment locally. Samantha said apartments in Oxford or Coopersport go for five hundred to a thousand a week. That would blow up the whole project.

The Ammermans don't have space to put them up, but Samantha suggests the Fowler house and Marty says "it is kind of a dump". He calls Mike Fowler to ask about it and gets an agreement at three hundred and fifty a month. He suggests Brett and Meredith need to see it before committing so called Mike back to open it up for them to see.

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