Marty Ammerman

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Marty Ammerman
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SpouseSamantha Ammerman

Marty Ammerman was a clean-cut, solid looking man about fifty, graying at temples. A retired banker who'd bought Curlew Creek Winery with his wife, Samantha, to run in their retirement years. CCT3

Samantha's friend Diane Graveline warned Brett Wickwire that “Marty tends to be the more practical one. Samantha, well, she’s on the pompous side and tends to be something of a dreamer. Maybe that’s not the right word. You’ll see.” CCT2

Marty was sharp as a tack; it was clear that he didn’t let much grass grow under his feet. CCT6

Marty and Samantha employed Brett Wickwire and Meredith VanArnhem to run a theatre at the winery over the summer.

At the end of the summer Marty wanted to continue with a monthly program over the winter and another full season next summer. He was prepared to find work to keep Brett around if Brett hadn't got a teaching job nearby.CCT36