The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 36

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 36 of 36
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Brett received an email from Meredith showing things in New York were not going as well as she'd expected, though no disaster.

Marty told Brett and Kellye that he wanted to keep the dinner theater going over the winter with a show one weekend a month and another season next summer. Brett hadn't heard about the teaching job and said he couldn't live on one weekend a month and Marty couldn't pay him full time for that much work. Marty had a number of other jobs he could ask Brett to do which might add up to full time including the theater.

Mike Fowler called in to the Winery to get Brett to call the school superintendent in Oxford - they wanted him to take the teaching job. Marty was happy with that and said he thought Brett could do the monthly shows round that.

Kellye said she would transfer to a nearer college to be with Brett and work the dinner theater, even if it took a bit longer to complete her degree.

Special Disclaimer

Wes Boyd included a special disclaimer after this chapter, giving information about the plays mentioned in the story. The real ones with their authors and which are totally fictional invented by Wes for this story.

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