Kellye Ginther

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Kellye Ginther
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Kellye Ginther was a shortish, heavy-set girl with long, straight well-groomed brown hair and a big smile. An actress who Meredith VanArnhem recommends as a second female lead. She would fit most of the lead or second female roles for the season.

"She's a really good actress, nice, funny, cheerful, and has an excellent sense of timing. I’ve worked with her, oh, two or three times, I’m not sure. She gets her lines memorized and off the book really quickly, good voice, and gets a lot out of the roles she’s had. What’s more, she really loves acting and is good at it. It’s just too damn bad that the directors she’s worked with have never had the guts to cast her in a lead role because she’d be really super in one." CCT13
"Brett didn’t think she was as heavy as Meredith had made her out to be. She was shapely, if solid, and she had curves where Meredith had angles." CCT14

She was very friendly, and a good cook.

She is a student at Greenville, majoring in Business Management, and had one year before graduation.

Kellye had married Darrin at eighteen, soon after finishing high school, just to get out of her parents' house. She found out later that he was gay, or at least bi-sexual. Their marriage wasn't happy and decided to separate without a fight. At the time Kellye talks about him he is living with a guy.CCT18

When Meredith VanArnhem and Janine Warrenton were making sleep impossible, Kellye joined Brett Wickwire in his bed, starting a romance which they both hoped would continue beyond the summer and maybe become permanent.

With Brett working as a teacher in Oxford, Kellye transferred college so she could be near him while she finished her degree.

Roles played at The Curlew Creek Theater

  • Lidian Emerson in The Hermit of Walden
  • Florence Unger in The Odd Couple - The Female Version
  • Ellie in The Man with the Plastic Sandwich
  • Un-named character in The Back Table
  • Harriet in Saving Grace
  • Corie in Barefoot in the Park