Meredith VanArnhem

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Meredith VanArnhem
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Meredith VanArnhem was an actress friend of Brett Wickwire. She is one of two main female characters in the book The Curlew Creek Theater.

She drives an old Chevrolet Cavalier convertible. It is not clear whether the roof will still fold down.

"Professionally speaking, she was competent and enthusiastic, a hell of a good actress, able to work well with others, confront surprises with equanimity, and make the best of tough times. She could sing, dance, act, build sets, make costumes, and otherwise work cheerfully for a common goal." CCT7

A self-described gold-star lesbian, never been with a man sexually or wanted to be with one. She has short blonde hair and often wears wigs. She rubs people the wrong way and enjoys doing it.

She and Brett often tease each other. Brett worries that her behavior away from theater might land her in jail or hospital.

She looks at theater a little more unconventionally than Brett, and has some good ideas. She suggested setting up the theater at Curlew Creek Winery three-quarters in the round instead of at the end of the banqueting room.CCT11

Her first interpretation of Chocolate, Roses and Sex doesn't seem quite right to Brett, so he asks her to try it differently. She does and makes it seem a different play. It turns out that her first interpretation closely matches the vision of the playwright, Janine Warrenton, and she ends up performing it both ways on its opening night, and for the rest of the run.CCT26 Meredith and Janine start a relationship with each very dependant on the other. They plan to love together in Janine's apartment in New York after the season at The Curlew Creek Theater is finished.

When The Back Table by Janine Warrenton was playing at The Curlew Creek Theater Marco Cleburne offered Meredith the chance to play Chocolate, Roses and Sex in New York, opening the weekend after Labor Day. Marco also held out the possibility that Meredith could play The Barista again in a production of The Back Table in New York during the winter. As Meredith would have to be in New York for rehearsals of Chocolate, Roses and Sex she wouldn't be able to play Corie in Barefoot in the Park so Brett had to ask Kellye Ginther if she could take it on.CCT34

Roles played at The Curlew Creek Theater

  • Doris in Same Time Next Year
  • Un-named solo performance of Chocolate, Roses and Sex
  • Natalia in A Marriage Proposal
  • Directed The Hermit of Walden
  • Olive Madison in The Odd Couple - The Female Version
  • Lenore in The Man with the Plastic Sandwich
  • The Barista in The Back Table
  • Grace in Saving Grace