The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 34

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 34 of 36
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Meredith drops the bomb that she's been offered the chance to play Chocolate, Roses and Sex in New York with the possibility of 'The Barista' in The Back Table later but to do it she won't be available for Barefoot in the Park the last play of The Curlew Creek Theater season.

Brett offers 'Corie', the female lead, to Kellye and says he thinks Lu can take on 'Mrs Banks'. Kellye has her doubts but agrees to do her best. She sees a problem in that she's due to be in classes the day after the final performance.

Brett comments the opportunity looks like a big break for both Meredith and Janine, before lecturing them on having to work at their relationship, and suggesting some strategies.

When they break the news to Marty and Samantha, Marty is supportive saying you have to grab opportunities when they happen. After that Brett and Kellye walk to the swimming hole talking about their misgivings over Meredith and Janine, mostly to help Brett get his mind round the change.

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