The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 33

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 33 of 36
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After The Man with the Plastic Sandwich finished the stage was re-set for The Back Table with evening rehearsals while the core acting ensemble rehearsed Saving Grace during the daytime.

Kellye noticed a blossoming romance between David Harbaugh and Lu Ty and commented to Brett: “This has been quite a summer in that department. That’s the third serious romance that’s been brought about by this dinner theater, and I don’t think any of us expected any of them to happen.”

Kellye and Brett took Meredith to the airport to meet Janine when she returned in time for the dress rehearsal of The Back Table. At Curlew Creek they went to the swimming hole to cool off and Janine told them she'd never had friends before.

After the first performance Meredith and Janine were talking to a couple of men who also took them out to breakfast the following morning. When the two women return to the rental house Meredith nervously says “Look, Brett, we have to talk.”

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