Curlew Creek Winery

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Curlew Creek Winery was off the beaten path, pond in the back, a large, rambling old mill, mostly fieldstone although there were two or three weathered plank extensions, around the corner of the building was a dam overflowing with the spring high water of the creek; a waterwheel turned lazily. It was largely open in front of the mill, although there was a woods filled with still-naked trees behind it. Up the hill there were rows upon rows of leafless grapevines hanging on their fences, whatever they were called. CCT3

Marty and Samantha Ammerman had bought it as an active interesting semi-retirement. They have made it work by employing Chuck who's been in the business all his life, is now semi-retired and only works when he's needed. Marty and Samantha handle the marketing and merchandising, fields they are more familiar with.

Samantha had the idea of running a dinner theater at the winery as a way to boost income as well as sales of wine.

A season of eight programs performed for two weekends each was directed by Brett Wickwire. It proved successful and plans were made to continue with one weekend a month over the winter and another season next summer.