The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 7

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 7 of 36
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  • a Denny's restaurant



Brett meets up with Meredith. They have a complicated relationship, particularly off-stage, since she is a self-described gold-star lesbian, never been with a man sexually or wanted to be with one.

They discuss ways to make a sixteen week season of six or eight plays work, including bringing in actors for individual roles. "It wouldn't have to be the same people you bring in for each production, either," she replied thoughtfully. "I mean, not exactly a true repertory company.”

Brett expresses his reservations with Meredith. She enjoys stirring the pot when not working, a mischief-maker. She promises to rein in her tom-foolery. They agree to go and talk with Marty & Samantha further the next day so Brett offers Meredith his sister's room to stay in.

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