The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 17

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 17 of 36
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Brett and Meredith decide to go out for breakfast even though Mary had said the nearest diner, "Mom's", wasn't very good. They agreed and decided they wouldn't return. They got the electricity and phone line in Brett's name and would sort out a dial-up internet connection.

Meredith suggested they find some really short, five to ten minute, plays they could use as encores.

When they got the Fowler house as ready as they could they moved what they'd brought in and went back to Brett's home. He phoned Diane Graveline and learned that she had a couple of beds and dressers she'd lend them for the summer as it was to help out her friends.

They borrowed Mr Wickwire's pickup for a day to take the furniture to the Fowler house. Once they'd set that up they moved a couch the Ammermans were lending them from their basement.

Brett's minivan and Meredith's Chevy Cavalier were well loaded when they moved to the Fowler house for real. During their first week or so they were building platforms and flats, setting up lighting at the winery and spent a day round the resorts distributing publicity. Kellye turned up one evening, earlier than expected. While helping her to move in they sort out that Brett and Meredith are not a couple and agree rules of engagement to avoid problems.

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