The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 16

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 16 of 36
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Marty got Mike Fowler to come over and they got into a reading of A Marriage Proposal, with many laughter interruptions. Mike would work well for the roles they had in mind. He said they'd need to be sure to put him in place if he got into directing mode because he'd done it so much for high school plays in the past.

Brett and Meredith were relieved to have solved that casting problem so easily. They spent some time cleaning the house, and would need another day to complete it.

Marty invited them over for dinner, and talked about how hectic gets at grape picking time. They talked about the casting call to find local talent and publicising the theater. The date for the casting call was set and Marty and Samantha had the information they needed to write press releases and ads. In the time before the casting call they would be building the platforms, flats for scenery and setting up the lighting.

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