The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 25

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The Curlew Creek Theater
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While Meredith is rehearsing Chocolate, Roses and Sex Brett found her delivery not quite right. He realised that when he'd read the script he'd heard it in Rita Rudner's voice rather than the 'lipstick lesbian' that Meredith played. He got her to view some Rita Rudner videos and try it more like her.

Meredith preferred her original interpretation but agreed with Brett and Kellye that the new version was funnier. Unable to decide they used some time at the end of Saturday's rehearsal to ask the rest of the cast their opinions.

“Say what you will,” Jody pointed out, “but that was one hell of a lesson about acting. I mean, exactly the same words, certainly the same actress, but two different presentations, literally two different people talking to you, and you form two different opinions about them. I don’t think I ever realized just exactly what acting actually meant until I saw that. That was a great job, Meredith.”

They didn't get clear opinion on which version to perform but agreed to go with the new version.

The local newspapers carried a review of the first weekend's performance, including praise for the food, so they guessed the critic had been there on Saturday.

The health inspector showed up at the Friday performance, and Marty was very pleased to send him away unable to take any action because the ladies of the Funston Federated Methodist Church catering as a fundraiser were covered by the Cottage Food Law.

Also Mentioned

  • Rita Rudner - real comedienne with very droll, almost sarcastic delivery
  • Health inspector - not named