The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 24

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 24 of 36
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At the Saturday rehearsal for The Odd Couple Rachelle reads Kelly's part because Kellye is grocery shopping. After rehearsal the cast pitch in to bring groceries into the kitchen and peel the potatoes. The weather looks as though a tornado might develop. When Jody talks about moving to other areas of the country Brett points out the downside with each suggestion.

Tuesday following a successful weekend Brett, Meredith and Kellye sleep in. they spend time at the swimming hole drilling each other on their lines for upcoming plays. In the evening they are rehearsing The Hermit of Walden when Lu interrupts wanting to take Kellye to talk to Marty and Samantha.

Marty tells them a health inspector called but couldn't do anything. He expected the inspector to be back on Friday night. Lu has checked and the county cottage food law exempts church members from food handler's card requirements at church fundraisers. Her sister and brother-in-law go to a small church which needs funds and would be happy to cater. Lu gives Marty the contact details he needs to sort it out.

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