The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 20

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 20 of 36
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During the week before the first cast rehearsal Brett worked on the lighting and decided a second set of lights to just focus on center stage was needed.

Meredith worked on learning Chocolate, Roses and Sex, she and Kellye worked on The Odd Couple - The Female Version.

Meredith and Brett started too brush up Same Time Next Year and had a run through of A Marriage Proposal with Mike Fowler one evening.

Samantha Ammerman provided coffee and a box of doughnuts for the first rehearsal. They read through The Odd Couple twice and Brett was pleased with progress. He asked them all to be off the book by next week's rehearsal.

After lunch Meredith got dressed up to find some entertainment in Coopersport and said she didn't know whet time she'd be back. Lu Ty suggested she try "a bar names Bushes... about a block off Main Street, on Elm" as the place she might find someone like-minded.

Brett, Kellye and Lu decide to walk up the mill pond to a swimming hole Lu knows of.

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