The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 30

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 30 of 36
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Most of the cast were present for an evening read through of Janine's play, which took longer than expected but many suggestions were made. The decision was made to play it instead of Fair Exchange and Samantha suggested the title of The Back Table and Janine agreed she could mention the location early in the play.

Brett gave Janine a little over four weeks, until they finished with The Odd Couple, to complete writing The Back Table.

Marty had unobtrusively set up a video camera to record the final Friday evening performance, including both versions of Chocolate, Roses and Sex so that Janine could have a record of them.

Janine's return to New York was painful for both her and Meredith. Meredith told Brett and Kellye she'd never felt that way about anyone before and hoped they'd still feel the same at the end of the season when she could move to New York to be with Janine.

The Hermit of Walden didn't draw as good an audience for its first weekend, and in a planning session Brett conceded it hadn't been his best decision. They also discussed plans for the rest of the season and Marty said he needed to get on with the flyers so needed shows settled. Brett was hoping to get a name change for Saving Grace because of confusion with the TV show, but needed to get permission from the copyright holder.

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