The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 1

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The Curlew Creek Theater
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  • Ed - dairy farmer


Brett Wickwire works as a substitute milker on dairy farms as well as a substitute school teacher. He has just finished milking the morning shift when the story begins. He hurries home to get ready to drive to a distant town to teach unruly 5th graders. Afterwards, he drives back to where he started to do the evening milking. A long tiresome day. At home his mom tells him she has booked him to the school at Peterboro the next day and that Diane Graveline had called and wanted him to call back, something about theater.

In the summer he works as a professional actor in small time productions. Acting is his first love. After college he took a shot at acting in Hollywood but failed to make it. He realizes he will probably have to give up his dream of full time acting unless something happens sometime soon.

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