The Curlew Creek Theater Chapter 28

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The Curlew Creek Theater
Chapter 28 of 36
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During the morning conversation they learn something of Janine's life.

Janine decides to accompany them to the afternoon's rehearsal. When they get to the winery Marty asked them to do the two performances of Chocolate, Roses and Sex again, saving Brett from having to make the case.

After the evening's performance Marty asked whether Janine had any more plays and suggested to Brett that they consider something more of hers for late in the season.

The next morning Brett and Kellye looked through Janine's plays, before the Sunday afternoon show. They were good but all were short. Brett had an idea in the back of his mind which crystallised overnight. He suggested that Janine write some bridging material to link a number of her vignettes into a single play, like a single table in a coffee shop which gets a series of customers sitting at it. Brett thought it would give everyone of their local cast a stint at a lead role. Kellye and Meredith also had suggestions. Janine was excited by the ideas which the group offered and was ready to get started.