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Use the template for characters. Example:

 |sex               = F
 |defaultsort       = Chladek, Karin
 |image             =
 |birth_name        = Karin Johansen
 |birth_date        = 1950
 |birth_place       = Spearfish Lake
 |death_date        = 
 |death_place       = 
 |spouse            = Pete Chladek
 |spouse2           = Al Buck
 |spouse3           =
 |father            =
 |mother            =
 |biological_father =
 |biological_mother =

All arguments are pretty much optional. Those which are not supplied will not be displayed.

  • defaultsort is used to group a name in category listing, will use Lname, Fname by default
  • image is for a picture of the character (generic silhouette will show if not specified)
  • sex is preferred sex, so F for Eve McClellan/Denis Riley. M and F will display different generic silouettes.