Nature Girl

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Nature Girl
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Time frame2001-2002
First postedMay 18, 2020 – July 27, 2020
SeriesBradford Exiles
Series number9
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Twelve-year-old Kayla Holst likes being barefoot, even in the winter. She runs track and cross country without shoes when they let her. In fact, Kayla has discovered she likes being totally nude and now wants to be a nudist. She wishes she had friends who did. Her girlfriends even hate changing clothes or showering in the school locker room after gym, so they aren’t going to join her for skinny dipping in their home swimming pool. She isn’t even a teenager yet, so boys don’t interest her, and she’s already smart enough to know that being nude doesn’t automatically mean sex anyway. Adults can be so stupid sometimes. Kayla’s family doesn’t yet know her preference, which severely limits her nude time. With her mother the mayor of the town, a liberation march for nudism could cause problems for her family. She’s too young to join a nudist resort, so how can she find friends who also prefer to be clothes free?