Circuit Rider

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Circuit Rider
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Time frameMay - June 2007
First postedMarch 4, 2019 - May 23, 2019
SeriesReverend Nanci Series
Series number3
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©2016, ©2019 Copyright ©2019 Estate of Wes Boyd

Notice: This story contains graphic themes of Christianity, faith, salvation, redemption, and religious experience. If you object to such material, you have been warned.

Book Three of the Reverend Nanci Series: A week into her first pastorate in two small Southeastern Colorado ranching community churches, Reverend Nanci Chladek takes in an abandoned teenage girl. She finds that Amber is disliked intensely by the leaders of the communities and of her churches. This brings discord to the two communities, and most of that displeasure is aimed right at Nanci for doing what she thought of as her job as a minister by trying to help someone in need. Can Nanci gently quench the antagonism of these survivors of previous adversarial battles -- verbal, mental, and physical? In the middle of this the pastor of a third church starts heaping more trouble of a different sort on Nanci. She has battles to fight or possibly lose the congregations of the churches in her first assignment. She revels in the job, which she has worked long and hard to prepare for.


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