Golden Hour

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Golden Hour
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First postedSept 2, 2018 - Unknown
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Copyright by Wes Boyd ©2012, ©2014, ©2018


Kyle Murray, out taking landscape pictures, meets a girl taking selfies beside the road. Chelsea Walsh is wearing a skimpy bathing suit, which makes Kyle’s eyes pop. They have entirely different approaches to photography, and both use their pictures to supplement mediocre day-job income. They help each other with their photography and a relationship develops.

Chelsea is forced to relocate for a living-wage job, and Kyle then moves to a much better job creating an even-greater separation. Both date others but keep in touch. Kyle tries to form other relationships, but the results are hilariously disastrous. Chelsea’s are ho-hum. No cameras are involved in either’s new relationship attempts, though Kyle does take some pictures. Chelsea can no longer do bathing suit selfies as she would be fired if she were found out.

A long-distance relationship can’t work for them, so they have to get close up.

This is a Wes Boyd story and you fans know they get back together, but how? And then what happens? You’ll just have to read the book.