Bulldog Spirit

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Bulldog Spirit
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Time frameAugust 24-25, 2013
with flashbacks
First postedMarch 15, 2021 - April 5, 2021
SeriesBradford Exiles
Series number11
Contained inBulldog Spirit and Other Short Works
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Bulldog Spirit by Wes Boyd Copyright ©2014 Copyright ©2021 Estate of Wes Boyd

The story is of Cam Patterson, who was a 4-year-old in "Picking Up the Pieces", now starting his first day at college. It is just a partial story, one Wes never finished, final notes included at the end. It should probably be placed in the Bradford Exiles area, though has crossover with characters from Spearfish Lake.

See Talk:Bulldog_Spirit for a discussion of the timeframe in relation to other stories.


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