Bulldog Spirit and Other Short Works

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Bulldog Spirit and Other Short Works
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First postedMarch 15, 2021 - April 15, 2021
Series number13
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This article is about the anthology. For the partial story, see Bulldog Spirit.

by Wes Boyd
Copyright ©2014
Copyright ©2021 Estate of Wes Boyd

This book is listed as an Independent because the various stories relate to different series, or none.

This is an anthology of four new works, much like the previous book "Slippery Slopes - Three Tales of Bondage" published in 2020. To expand this purchased version, there are ten more stories included from the Shorts & Rants section of this site. You've already read them, but hopefully some would like "official" versions in a book file. Information about each title appears on the relevant page.

The list at the top of this page is in alphabetical order, below they are listed in the order they appear in the anthology

New works

Other "Shorts" included in the volume