The Lone Ranger

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"The Lone Ranger"
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Associated bookDawnwalker
Time frame1995
First postedJanuary 2009
Contained inBulldog Spirit and Other Short Works

This short story was originally part of Dawnwalker. Wes cut it because it took the story in a direction Wes didn't want to go.

This chapter has been included in the anthology Bulldog Spirit and Other Short Works.




Erica Pearson, the women's swim team coach at Northern Michigan University needs a replacement swimmer for a meet. She looks around the PEIF and sees Crystal teaching Randy how to roll a kayak. Crystal does a lap to loosen up while Randy gets set up to practice his sweep roll. Erica is impressed by Crystal's casual speed. After Crystal is finished helping Randy, Erica asks Crystal to help by being a substitute swimmer.

Crystal swims the third leg of the 400 relay, the 1600 individual, and the anchor leg of the 1600 relay.

During the 1600 individual event Dennis Shaffer, the sports reporter for the NMU Mining Journal newspaper tells Erica more about Crystal. After the meet if complete Crystal blows off Erica's attempt to recruit her for the swim team.

The story closes with Erica talking to Dennis and, off the record, describing Crystal as the Lone Ranger.