Northern Michigan University

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Northern Michigan University ("NMU") is a real university in Marquette, Michigan, and not something that was invented for the Spearfish Lake Tales universe.

Here are a couple of pointers: Wikipedia NMU     Northern Michigan University's own web site.

To help navigate the campus here are links to two campus maps that can be downloaded:

And yes, the PEIF (rhymes with beef), does exist.

In the SLT universe this is where Randy Clark, Myleigh Harris and Crystal Chladek meet. Just after they graduated, Duane MacRae attended for four years, and, like Randy and Crystal, was active in the outdoor club, serving as vice-president and chairing the whitewater group in his senior year.

Randy Clark hires Carlos Gutierrez out of NMU as a summer intern to be his assistant at Clark Construction.PE19 After graduation he hires Carlos full time.

A few years later he sends Carlos back to NMU to find another summer intern.HC15 Whoever you choose you’re going to have to live with since for the most part he’s going to be your assistant.