Slippery Slopes - Three Tales of Bondage

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Slippery Slopes - Three Tales of Bondage
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First postedNovember 16, 2020 - March 11, 2021
Series number12
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by Wes Boyd ©2003, ©2004, ©2007
Copyright ©2020 Estate of Wes Boyd

This article is about the book. For the novella, see Slippery Slopes.

This is an anthology of three shorter works, related by both theme and common characters, and presented in order of story chronology. The main theme connecting the stories is light bondage, and there is lots of that. There is also some sex, some very mild masochism, some violence, and even a tiny smattering of religion, so you are warned. In a few places, it is over the top for events or activities, but that’s the way Wes often did it.