The Sewer Pipe

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"The Sewer Pipe"
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Associated bookDawnwalker
Time frameNovember 23, 1995
First postedJanuary 2009
Contained inBulldog Spirit and Other Short Works

This story was originally planned to be a part of Dawnwalker. Wes cut it because, while it's an interesting idea, it didn't contribute to the story.

This chapter has been included in the anthology Bulldog Spirit and Other Short Works.




This story takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1995. (November 23, 1995)

Randy takes Crystal to do some whitewater kayaking over the Thanksgiving holiday. In Spearfish Lake whitewater is normally a spring thing. Joe and Rod set up an artificial whitewater course so that they could do more whitewater during the summer and fall. Joe tells Crystal what to do so that they can do a run. After that run Crystal asks why they call it the Sewer Pipe. Rod tells her that it is partially to keep people from getting too curious, and partially because running all the way down the course is like being a turd flushed down a toilet.