Hannegan's Cove (bay)

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This article is about the part of Spearfish Lake. For novel, see Hannegan's Cove.

Hannegan's Cove is a part of Spearfish Lake itself, but it also refers to the homes along the shore there. The cove is just north of the town of Spearfish Lake and has a wide variety of homes ranging from a trailer park to very nice, large houses. While outside the city lines, city water and sewer does make it out to at least some of the houses there. Lakeshore Drive runs from the city out to Hannegan's Cove.

"...Hannegan's Cove, which is along the lakeshore on the far side of the city from Point Drive. The homes in the cove are generally not quite as old as the Point Drive houses, and generally far more modest. It's a much more mixed neighborhood with small summer cottages interspersed with larger, year-around residences, old and new." -- Blue Beauty Chapter 6

  • Steve Augsberg bought his first house in 1978 in Hannegan's Cove when he moved out of his parent's home. It required quite a bit of fixing up, but he has made a home for himself, his wife Binky and their two children, living comfortably, but modestly.
  • Joe McGuinness lives in a lakeside cottage there with a dock from which he can launch any of his numerous watercraft.
  • Randy Clark bought a lakeshore lot in 1999 with an old burned out cottage on it. He got the Fire Department to burn the rest of it and then built a large modern home on the lot.

There's more story to include about the burned out cottage and its numerous hints through multiple books, but what's the fun in knowing all the secrets?