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Point Drive is a road running from the town of Spearfish Lake out along a peninsula extending into Spearfish Lake itself. Part of the road has beautiful views and nice breezes that make it the home to the wealthiest residences in town, including:

  • Ryan and Linda Clark
  • Blake and Jennifer Walworth
  • Frank Matson, president of the local bank..
  • The Old Wayne Clark mansion, "a huge Victorian monstrosity with roughly half a zillion rooms, much gingerbread woodwork, and very little insulation." It sat empty for years before its purchase by a wealthy Chicago man as a summer home.HC2

In sharp contrast, some parts of Point Drive run through the nastiest, mosquito-infested swamp around. Buyer Beware.

The Point only came into existence in the late 1800s after the Albany River was dammed at a rapids, raising the water level of several lakes to where they formed one large lake. The peninsula that extended into the new lake drew the attention of a real estate promoter. The north side is high and sandy and became the location for "expansive, gaslight-era summer homes, a place to escape the heat of the large cities to the south, like Camden and Decatur."BB5

Andy Haworth and Wes put together a map to aid him in writing the stories.