Jennifer Evachevski

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Jennifer Evachevski
Female silhouette.png
Birth nameJennifer Evachevski
Birth date1961
Birth placeGermany
SpouseBlake Walworth
FatherGil Evachevski
MotherCarrie Matson
Cheyenne WalworthF2002
Jeremy WalworthM2001

Jennifer Evachevski AKA Jenny Easton (but NOT in Spearfish Lake) and later Mrs. Blake Walworth is a major character in the Spearfish Lake Tales universe. She is the eldest child of Gil and Carrie Evachevski (Matson) and was born in Germany, probably 1961. She has four siblings: Garth, Brandy, Tara and Danny (click here for the full Evachevski family tree).

She is a recurring character, even if only briefly mentioned in some of the books. Her first prominent role is in Busted Axle Road, where we also first meet her bodyguard and future husband Blake Walworth. The pair don't get married until Facing the Storm and subsequently have a boy, Jeremy. In 2001 Jennifer is pregnant again. We learn later that the second child is a girl, named Cheyenne.HC4

Jennifer can sing a bit. See Jenny Easton for more about her singing, records and other information. Blake has taught her to play guitar and compose music.

At the second and last Spearfish Lake Chili Festival in August 1975, the 14 year old Jennifer won the queen contest. She performed an a capella version of "Fever" to a pleased crowd, especially considering the inadequate band hired that could only manage "Proud Mary".AF7

As far back as junior high, Jennifer had been known to pitch in at the Record-Herald where her mother worked. She would help with advertising and other inserts or run the Saxmayer machine to tie newspaper bundles. She was the one to teach a new reporter, Brenda Hodunk, how to run that machine. She also helped out at her father's appliance store.

Jennifer's first car was a 1972 AMC Hornet and was passed down to her siblings, although it was a clunker by the time Danny was handed the keys to it.BAR741 It was that car that she'd used to drive to Nashville in 1980 at the start of her career. In less than a year she had her first solo album and chart hit, "Smoke-Filled Room".

In 1987, Jennifer was unhappy with her life as Jenny Easton and homesick for Spearfish Lake. The weekly arrival of Spearfish Lake Record-Herald was important to her sanity, especially in the face of her agent's manipulation of her life. Still, she earned $2.2M for acting in one movie. Wanting to return to Spearfish Lake, she considered having her Uncle Brent build her a place, but then spotted a deal in the newspaper. She was easily able to afford Elmer Sorensen's old house on Point Drive. It sat on five acres of property. "Jennifer may look sweet and innocent," Binky said, "But she can sure drive a heckuva bargain."BAR788 Coming from Binky Augsberg, that's mighty praise!

Jennifer had been a babysitter when younger, including for Josh Archer and Tiffany Langenderfer-McMahon. She also happened to help Kirsten Langenderfer at the birth of Susan. For years Jennifer sponsored Josh and Tiffany and their dog sleds in the Idatrod race. It took some serious arm-twisting by Jennifer to start them scaling back when they'd overextended themselves. It was her manipulation that got the couple to take their first vacation, which was Karin Chladek's wedding trip through the Grand Canyon.