Blake Walworth

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Blake Walworth
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SpouseJennifer Evachevski
Cheyenne WalworthF2002
Jeremy WalworthM2001

Blake Walworth is one of the main repeating characters in the Spearfish Lake Tales universe. He first shows up as Jenny Easton's bodyguard, later becomes her friend and over time her lover (although for a long time there was very little actual physical love between them) and finally her husband.

Blake is an accomplished guitarist and Jenny's backman. He is also capable of handling a wide variety of instruments and knows his way around recording equipment, but lately has willingly passed these duties to Trey Hartwell. His duties in the Boreal String Band include bass guitar, mandolin and more exotic instruments. He teaches Jennifer to play guitar.

Blake has been a martial arts expert since high school, which qualified him for the bodyguard duties. When in Spearfish Lake he participates in the self-defense meetings at Gil Evachevski's appliance store. This shared interest strengthens his friendship with Jennifer's dad and Randy Clark. Blake is a gourmet cook and loves providing Jennifer with exotic meals. With the lengthy list of accomplishments, it's satisfying to know Blake was a failure as a screenwriter, which is what his work as a security guard in Los Angeles was supporting. Blake's sexuality caused a rift with his parents, who have never been mentioned by name in the books. It is likely that Blake was an only child "Blake commented that it is terribly lonely being an only child, and that he did not wish to inflict that status on Jeremy"BB33

He is described as being a dark haired handsome man. He probably grew up in California and spent enough time surfing to become competent. He was active in the gay scene in the L.A. area when he met and was hired by Jennifer for protection, which was not unconnected with his sexuality as she guessed she wouldn't need to deflect the attentions of a gay man.

Blake and Jennifer Evachevski get married in 2000 at the Pike Bar by Lex Metarie in front of invited family and friends and recorded for later broadcast. Their first child, Jeremy was born early in 2001. By October 2001, they are expecting a second child, a girl that is named Cheyenne.HC4