Frank Matson

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Frank Matson
Male silhouette.png
Birth date1940
SpouseDiane Matson
FatherGarth Matson
MotherDonna Clark

Frank Matson is the only son of Garth Matson and his first wife, Donna Parmeneter. He had a younger full sister, Barbara. From his father's second marriage to Helga he had three half-siblings, Carrie, Rodney and Phil.

Frank inherits a small but important stake in Clark Plywood from his step father Wayne Clark and becomes an important pawn in the battle between Donna and his step brother Brent Clark. Between the wealth inherited from Wayne and the Matson family connections provided by his father, he winds up as the president of the Spearfish Lake Bank.

Frank helps Bud Ellsberg create the C&SL Railroad. He also works as a brakeman when needed. He lives in a nice home on Point Drive.

Frank was a member of the football team with Harold Hekkinan, Bud Ellsberg and Harry Masterfield that lost only one game in three years (1956-1958).

Frank's wife was Diane,BAR787 they had married in the Spring of 1962.WTLC46 By 1975 they had at least two children.WTLC19

Frank finally lost patience with his mother's interference in his life and told her so,WTLC49 resulting in her "blowing a circuit breaker" and losing control of her car.WTLC50