Harry Masterfield

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Harry Masterfield
Male silhouette.png
Birth date1940
Death date1999
SpouseJane Masterfield

Harry Masterfield was raised in Spearfish Lake and was a member of the high school football team with Harold Hekkinan, Frank Matson and Bud Ellsberg that lost only one game in three years (1956-1958). He was married to Jane, but it is not known if they had children.

Harry was the Fire Chief for Spearfish Lake and played a prominent role in leading his fire crew to fight the Warsaw Fire of 1981, as told in Snowplow Extra. He also shows up in that role in other stories, such as a grass fire in June 1990RM7 or when Ed Sloat had a heart attack and car crash.BAR742

He had a hot appendix in 1975, allowing him to drop out of judging that year's Chili Contest. His wife replaced him with Kirsten Langenderfer, to her chagrin.AF7

Harry and Jane supported their long-time friends Bud and Kate Ellsberg as Kate was dying slowly of cancer in 1998. Not long after, he was diagnosed with cancer and died quickly around 1999.