Donna Clark

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Donna Clark
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Birth nameDonna Parmeneter
Death date1983
SpouseGarth Matson
Spouse2Wayne Clark
Barbara MatsonF1932
Frank MatsonM1940

Donna Clark née Parmeneter has not directly appeared in Spearfish Lake Tales, but her legacy is still felt.

Donna Parmeneter married Garth Matson and had two children, Barbara and Frank Matson. Garth was the Vice President of the bank in Spearfish Lake and was the commander of the local National Guard unit when World War 2 started. "The train taking them down to Camp Knox wasn't even out of sight yet when Donna and Wayne were getting it on out in his hunting camp. Garth heard about it, and eventually divorced her."DW17

She next married Wayne Clark, the founder of Clark Plywood and a widower with a son from his first marriage, Brent Clark. Wayne died and she didn't get on with either her son or step-son, especially over their inheritances from Wayne when he died. While estranged from those two, her step-grandson, Ryan Clark, managed to stay in her good graces.

Donna died in 1983, leaving her shares in Clark Plywood to Ryan Clark and much money to the Donna Clark Memorial Foundation. Ryan and Jane Masterfield were named trustees of the foundation with her long-time friend from the Women's Club, Kate Ellsberg, actively administrating the Fund. Wayne and Donna Clark's house, an old lumber baron's mansion, was sold by Binky Augsberg for $450,000, all of which went into the foundation.

The fund supported Mike McMahon's book on the Warsaw Fire with profits going to the historical society. It also helped fund the expedition to retrieve Henry Toivo's body from Vietnam.

Although she is not an active character in the books, she or her foundation play a role in several books, including Dawnwalker , Busted Axle Road , Absent Friend , Hannegan's Cove and Hiding Patty.