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Clark Plywood is the single largest industry in Spearfish Lake. It grew at the hands of Wayne Clark during the depression as Wayne managed to purchase much timber land around town. It was with demand from World War 2 that ensured its success. Lumber and wood products have long been the mainstay of the economy in the area, but Clark Plywood specialized, at least until 1984 when they stopped actual plywood manufacture.

In more recent times, Ryan Clark, grandson of Wayne, now runs the business with Steve Augsberg, his production manager. As the company is closely held by the Clark family, they must be counted as among Spearfish Lake's wealthiest, yet it is not liquid wealth.

Ryan had tried to bring young, well-trained, and experienced professionals into management positions when he could, looking to give the company solid management in the years when Randy would have to bear the ultimate responsibility at something of a distance.BHF3

Allen Halifax was Clark Plywood's chief forester responsible for land managment. He had been withthe company less than tenyears in August 2010.BHF3 He assigned work areas for Sven Stromsen to clear the slash after trees had been harvested,OC8 and agreed contracts with Bork Logging to harvest trees.OC27

Dave Hotchkiss was employed by Clark Plywood. It is implied that he was personnel manager. He was unable to offer Frenchy LeDroit a job but referred him to Sven Stromsen.OC5 Later he introduced Frenchy to Clint Bork.OC27