Barbara Matson

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Barbara Matson
Female silhouette.png
Birth date1932
FatherGarth Matson
MotherDonna Clark

For other persons named Barbara, see Barbara.

Barbara Matson is the daughter of Garth Matson and his first wife, Donna Clark. She would have been born in the early 1930s. She had one full brother, Frank Matson. From her father's second marriage to Helga, she had three half-siblings, Carrie, Rodney, and Phil.

Barbara was a pretty cheerleader and dated the football star Gil Evachevski during High School while occasionally baby-sitting her half-siblings.

"Barbara's father was a controversial figure in Spearfish Lake in those years, and she often found cheap shots aimed at her. It soured her on the town, even though a boy taking a cheap shot at her had to deal with Gil. Forty years later, the kid who eventually became the town police chief still walked with a slight limp, the result of a well-aimed kick to the kneecap after he'd made the mistake of badmouthing Gil's girl at a school dance."AF3

Barbara wanted to escape Spearfish Lake and go to college and Gil couldn't. The Korean War was on, so Gil enlisted in the Army instead.

Barbara had a brief, disastrous first marriage in the early 1950s. She remarried again after 1953 although that ended around 1958 as he liked boys more than girls. She lived with her mother for a while, but it's likely she left town.